Amal Clooney is Everyone’s Favorite Halloween Costume 31.10.2014

From Ellen DeGeneres to  Meredith Vieira Amal and George’s wedding was “the” Halloween inspiration at the US TV. George as puppet a message ? I do with him what I want ….

Good Morning America  George Stephanopoulos was the George to his wife Alexandra Wentworth’s Amal, during the NBC show’s annual Halloween parade Friday morning.

Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover also went with the same Giambattista Valli wedding look.


Ellen DeGeneres with her Oscar de la Renta replica dress and her George puppet1414770967343_Image_galleryImage_MEREDITH_VIEIRA_DRESSES_U

Meredith Vieira with a Stella McCartney replica suit and her George puppet

1414771220120_Image_galleryImage_George_Stephanopoulos_and George Stephanopoulos  George and his wife Alexandra Wentwort, Amal (bad self-tanned …)1414771398812_Image_galleryImage_Access_Hollywood_Live_hos

Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover

19 thoughts on “Amal Clooney is Everyone’s Favorite Halloween Costume 31.10.2014

  1. Uh uhhh … NOT good! The honeymoon is over – the one between the media and Mrs. Clooney. When your face becomes everybody’s favourite Halloween mask you better prepare yourself for a LOT of scrutiny and criticism.

    There was simply an overexposure of the newlyweds, far too much attention on superficialities like fashion and such, and practically no acclaim of any decent legal work of her’s. Well, maybe because recently there had not been much decent work of her’s? The ‘Marbles’ hardly count, that was post-wedding PR.

    I wished the ‘old’ Mrs. Alamuddin was back – the one i admired for representing a highly controversial case like Assange …


    1. I don’t think “the ‘old’ Mrs. Alamuddin” has gone anywhere, so there’s no need for her to come back. She’s still the same crusading civil liberties and human rights attorney she always was. Just because the media is more interested in her sense of style doesn’t mean she’s stopped working and there’s no reason to assume she has.

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      1. I wished you were right, especially since her style in fashion has improved, but is far from being excellent. Time will tell if this entire media circus will tarnish her professional reputation or not.


      2. I agree with Lisa Simeone. There is too much criticism for a woman who should be admired and celebrated for her beauty, brains and style!


    2. Mocking someone is one thing (we British do it all the time), but doing it to someone in her wedding dress is highly offensive, even more so that Amal’s wedding was only a month ago. The joke is on Ellen, who is oblivious to her own lack of decorum.

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      1. I don’t read it as mocking at all. It was just a bit of fun. My goodness, it was for Halloween. You may as well say that all those people dressing up as ghouls and ghosts and bloodied corpses are mocking murder.


      2. It was Halloween and in the US everyone is fair game. I’ve certainly seen some tacky and tasteless humor in the UK so it should only be treated with a good laugh. Knowing George Clooney’s sense of humor he surely got a good laugh from it. He is very funny and loves playing jokes on people. And for someone as popular as Ellen and Meredith to choose to dress as Amal and George on their big Halloween shows is considered a major compliment.


    3. Great post Guestina. When your face becomes a Halloween mask it is not good at all. Respected women like Jackie Onassis, Princess Diana etc do not become figures of fun. Amal Clooney has gone too far and sadly, has become a joke. People are laughing at her. You are right. Overexposure. Too much superficiality and an obvious love of diamonds and fashion. These things are inconsistent with being a “human rights lawyer”. Changing her name to George’s was also a huge mistake and got a lot of negative publicity. The knives are out over Amal. She has no one but herself to blame and needs to lie low for a while and stay out of the limelight or she will antagonise people even more.


      1. Amal loves fashion and luxury brands. There is nothing wrong with that. George Clooney is a cinema star and that is normal that the media circus is involved. Why to blame Amal for that ? She is an accomplished lawyer. A great difference with all these magazine stars.


      2. “Respected women like Jackie Onassis, Princess Diana etc do not become figures of fun.” Oh, bull****. Hundreds if not thousands of women dressed up as Princess Di for Halloween during her heydey. Jackie O is still widely imitated, by women of all ages, including at Halloween.

        Unbelievable that people are making such a big deal out of a frigging harmless holiday.

        And criticizing her because of “an obvious love of diamonds and fashion”?? Talk about pretentious. “These things are inconsistent with being a ‘human rights lawyer’.” Really? Says who?

        I guess she should go around in ashes and sackcloth to prove her professional bona fides. I guess we all should. Those of us who appreciate beauty and art, of which fashion is a part, are obviously airheads. We can’t possibly have “serious” opinions when we’re so consumed with frivolous things. Thank you for setting us straight.

        I addressed exactly this pretentious, condescending attitude here:


      3. By lie low you mean change her relegion because the reality is she has shied away from the public as much as she can
        Oh she did not smile at the golden globe
        Oh she smiled too much
        Oh her fashion sense has improved
        Oh this and that
        She is the eufe of a mega star she dresses accordingly
        It’s her name she must be sick of the long name as my attorney daughter was and just chose two names her first and his last – her choice
        As for over exposure dies she go to paparazi and say come take my pic I am at the airport
        Get a life


  2. I saw the show with Meredith Vieira and it was hysterical! She was wearing the white pant suit and hat like what Amal wore at civil ceremony. She and her ‘dummy’ George entered the stage in a Gondola. She was so funny!!! I also saw Ellen wearing the wedding gown with her ‘dummy’ George. She was really funny too but I liked Meredith’s ‘Amal’ and George more. It was all good fun.


  3. P.S. And it’s nobody else’s business that she took his last name. That’s a personal choice. People have all sorts of reasons for doing it. I didn’t take my husband’s last name when I got married; I kept my own. I have friends who did take their husbands’ last names. I don’t think any less of them for it. It would be a stupid person who did.


  4. Amal certainly has nothing to prove to anyone. She has already done the hard work and dedication to obtain success. This is crystal clear. After all, this was one of the many attributes (obviously) that caused George to fall in love with her. Amal owes nothing to anyone. Having said that, I think she is being wise to “lay low” from the public as she adjusts to the married life. In my humble opinion, I think this is what she is doing. That’s not to say she isn’t fully engaged in work and progress. Like anything else, for the time being, the dust will settle and the media circus will ease up on her. She’ll resume some “normalcy” then, perhaps. 🙂


  5. I agree…all the costumes of George & Amal were hilarious and all in good fun. It reflects just how interested all of us were and are about their nuptials. These 2 people are very likable and for quite some time we will continue to show our interest; whether it’s costume imitation, discussing where they were last seen dining at a restaurant, what charities they support, or her latest court case, or pair of shoes…we are interested Americans. We delight in supporting such 2 accomplished and likable people. And so, to the British, Lebanese, and for all those abroad, please know that we Americans embrace and like George & Amal…We are happy for them….and any attention we give them is always in SUPPORT of and not to poke fun or humiliate them. 🙂


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