Amal Clooney nominated for the British Style Award 2014 – British Fashion Awards 2014


What a surprise ! Amal Clooney is nominated for the British Style Award 2014 together with David Gandy or David Beckham.  For me since the beginning of this blog, Amal was a style surprise. She is an accomplished lawyer with a passion for the fashion and style.

On the BFA website, Amal Clooney is pictured with these 3 looks

Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana, Giambattista Valli

collage mariage

If you’d like to place a vote for Amal Clooney visit . If you do, you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win two tickets to attend the British Fashion Awards ceremony, which takes place at the London Coliseum on Monday December 1.

Voting closes on November 5.

9 thoughts on “Amal Clooney nominated for the British Style Award 2014 – British Fashion Awards 2014

  1. Sorry, i voted for Beckham.

    Out of the 3 outfits above, only the white pantsuit is really excellent, despite the trousers needing to be shortened by 1 – 1.5 inches. Dragging one’s trousers through the dust is not a sign of good sartorial style, but of bad tailoring. She’s wearing trousers, not draperies,

    The black evening gown makes her chestal area look droopy. Her boobs are way too close to her waist for being a superbly fitted gown. the bare-skin-panel between the gown and her neck is way too bland – a dry desert just begging for some decoration. Far from being first class. Better undergarment support might have improved the overall somewhat saggy impression.

    Last but not least, the Valli gown. Not everyone can wear mullet-dresses, and this mullet’s front part is most definitely way too short for not looking tacky. Not good on any female above the age of 22, not to speak of a woman working in the law business. This flashy style fits a Tinseltown C-celeb-starlet, but not a barrister.

    Sorry, Amal, maybe some other year, when your sartorial education has hopefully improved beyond actor’s-wife-style and you learn not only dressing to the occasion, but also to the profession and the walk of life one pretends to belong to.


    1. I have to agree with you. Of the outfits shown, only the pantsuit is decent, but it drags.

      Amal has short legs and a long waist (which isn’t unusual, it just doesn’t conform to today’s extreme beauty standards). Thus, everything she wears is meant to create the illusion of longer legs (because Clooney, himself, is a self-proclaimed “leg man”). The “mullet” dresses and the short minidresses, all coupled with super-high heels, are meant to give the illusion of longer legs (although, I think they do her a huge disservice, because she doesn’t have attractive, athletic legs). Same with that black gown and the other gowns cut so that her waist looks to be a shorter distance from her hips than it is (even the black and white-striped dress – which looked fabulous on her – was cut to give the illusion of longer legs).

      They should have put up photos of her pantsuit, the black-and-white striped dress, and the outfits she wore in Greece, as those were the most becoming on her. If I were here, I’d stick with those types of ensembles, as they are the most flattering for her figure.


      1. Extremely pleased to find some other posters having good sartorial analyzing skills as well by not automatically praising any given outfit into the skies just because Mrs Clooney wears it. 🙂 Please do regard yourself as ‘upvoted’, since this option unfortunately is not offered here.


      2. Thanks, Guestina. I can’t reply directly to your comment, so I’ll reply here. Although I’m no fan of mullet dresses in general, if one chooses to wear a mullet dress, especially cut that short in front, one should have perfect, toned, and tan legs, like Blake Lively’s, Halle Berry’s, or Sharon Stone’s. All three also have more curvaceous, athletic bodies, which also seems to suit the mullet dresses they wore.

        Minidresses are somewhat infantalizing for professional women to wear.

        Whoever gave Amal recommendations to wear mullet dresses and minidresses is a bad friend.


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