Enough is enough !

Everyday I discover how my page is stolen ! On Facebook first: I am not on Facebook and it is so easy to pick my fashion info, scans, collages, everything and to create your Facebook page ! Check this page https://www.facebook.com/clooneyamal

It is just a shame. This person has no respect and probably she didn’t know which is the meaning of intellectual propierty.

34 thoughts on “Enough is enough !

      1. Unless you took the photos, unless you have paid license for the photos, they are not yours. If you licensed them, you are one of 100’s who have, all you own is the intellectual property that is this blog, and anything you PERSONALLY have written. You do not own the photos, the rights, or the legal entity of Amal Clooney. You are, at best, an aggregator of information. My guess is, should the magazines, that you’ve illegally posted, violating copyright agreements, sue you, you’d lose. There is no fight that blogs are news outlets, therefore able to fight using fair use.


      2. Dear Grace,
        The scans are from my magazines that I bought. Digital and paper versions. The IDs are property of the website. Why not to post a source ? I am for fairness.


  1. With my Pippa’s page I already have some experience. And I don’t say anything about Kate Middleton’s pages. My friend of What Kate Wore has to watermark every picture !


  2. Der Nati
    please, don’t let yourself get discouraged!
    I love your blog and really appreciate your hard work to let us take part at Amal’s activities and style.
    Please do continue!!!


  3. I followed the link you posted to the offenders facebook account. About two hours ago they posted that they would no longer be posting and shutting down. hopefully this will be the end of these people using your work. I love your blog!


  4. Please don’t relent to the lack of authenticity and originality of others. If you do they win and the right people end up loosing. For someone that does not follow many blogs and is very selective I am sincerely in awe of what you have created and look forward everyday to hitting the refresh button. I implore you to continue; the me copy-cats and those who have no originatilty or integrity will get what they are due. Stay the course and thank you for your impeccable work.


  5. Dear blogger,
    I love your blog and appreciate you very much detective work.
    Never mind of rude people. Please go on with what you are doing .
    A grateful reader from Holland.
    With love……


  6. Dear Nati, Love your blog! Don’t be discouraged by the copycats. Your work is amazing and much appreciated.
    a reader from California


  7. What?! This is ridiculous! But with the internet world anything can happen…
    I agree with many others here.. We appreciate your hard work and Love love your blog so please continue! You also write about the Middletons? Thats amazing! I love their styles too. May I please know the website name so I can follow? Thank you so much!


  8. I too love this blog, I found it right after the wedding and it is the only place I have found such a comprehensive encapsulation of Amal’s style complete with details on the outfits and accessories. Your hard work is very much appreciated and you know what ? watermark your work if you have to, I don’t think the first commenter understood what you meant by your work, meaning the pictures, research etc that you collate for this site.


  9. Love all your blogs and details. They say imitation is a form of flattery but disillusioning when you put in so much work. However, the Facebook site says they are students now looking at understanding copyrights issues, so at least some good has come of it. Keep up the work and many thanks.


  10. Nati3873. I LOVE your sight and appreciate all the creativity and time you have put in this, as I have expressed it before. Please continue and disregard the other person copying off of you. You’ve done a fine job. Continue because it is so very much appreciated. Your sight is faaaarrrrr better and well done compared to the other person. It’s visually friendly & easy to follow. Keep up the great work! 🙂 By the way, are you in the United States of America or do you live in the UK? Nonetheless, continue to create the site as you have done all along. Also, you have a Pippa and also a Kate Middleton site? How did I miss that??!! LoL I have to check that out, too! 🙂


  11. I love your blog! Please don’t stop! It must be very frustrating having your material stolen after you worked so hard to find the info and photos for us. There must be a way to watermark and copyright everything to protect yourself.


  12. I read your blog every morning. Please continue it but you must find a way to protect your hard work. Your blog will get a lot more traffic now (and also copycats/plagiarists) since Amal has become so famous. Thank you for your great work!


  13. Dear Nati, your blog is fantastic and very professional and I do hope you keep up your good work.

    I was watching the facebook fanpage you mentioned for days and must say, after starting over poorly structured they made tabula rasa and started from scratch, developing very transparent quotations. Honestly, the most thoroughly I have seen on facebook pages about Amal Alamuddin. So far I also could not see one quotation of your page. That might give you some peace regarding this particular page.

    Your frustration is understandable, I know that too working in public relations. Anyhow I wonder if it is really necessary to chalk someone up publicly starting a small fanpage on facebook. What we are doing here, this should be fun. Anyhow we don’t know how communications with them went. In any case, they look good today.

    Last but not least talking about intellectual property the issue remains if people running pages like such on facebook or yours here actually have contacted each source for allowance. I doubt about that. And that includes handmade scans as well as simple copy-paste-procedures. But I suppose each holds the responsibilities and risks on their own.

    Nevertheless your page is fantastic and good fun. Keep up the good work!


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