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Amal Alamuddin on the set of the new Nespresso commercial


Amal Alamuddin offered George Clooney  her support as he got to work on the set of a new advert for coffee brand Nespresso in Cernobboio, Italy on Wednesday.

Amal was perfectly styled with sunglasses and a beautiful floral dress.

The dress is from Oscar De La Renta. One dress is still available on Neiman Marcus.

The Oscar De La Renta Azalea dress

Sale $1,890.00 $756.00


eoscar de la renta dress

The sunglasses from Prada





article-2735851-20D834F300000578-49_634x597 (1)




Capture Capture1 Capture2 Capture3

One thought on “Amal Alamuddin on the set of the new Nespresso commercial

  1. Amal looks gorgeous in this Oscar shift, if not a bit over dressed for the occasion given she is supposed to be a fly on the wall! Would love to see the shoes she has matched the dress with, perhaps another pair of ODLR heels? So lovely to see her in bright summery colours.


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