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Amal Alamuddin as adviser to Kofi Annan – 17.07.2012

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Amal Alamuddin was adviser to Kofi Annan, the Joint Special Envoy of the UN and Arab League on Syria. She was present at the meeting Kofi Annan and Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

As the fighting escalated in the Syrian capital Damascus, UN envoy Kofi Annan held talks with the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Here 3 videos

Style’s files :

Amal Clooney wore a Chanel ivory suit Spring/Summer 2012

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16 thoughts on “Amal Alamuddin as adviser to Kofi Annan – 17.07.2012

  1. why did some people assumed that she is snobby , her marriage to George changed her test in clothes , etc . And also in these pics it’s ok that lady can wear expensive clothes at work , her colleagues gonna respect her, but now she can not and there is a million stupid irrational reasons to justify that .
    – it’s not fair that people judge you depending at their assumption


    1. But again, the german press never wrote these mean and nasty things about Amal. DM is horrible. They write, that she is unable etc. etc. What do they think, that Amal met Kofi Anan and Putin and nowadays other very important politicians just for fun?
      These People cannot waste their time to discuss with nobodies. Nati should send this article to DM with the question, wheather they need another proof.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. DM has already received a statement by George Clooney in the past and currently by Amal Clooney’s employer. I agree with you the DM has to verify the information before to publish it and not to create negative feelings against a person like Amal Clooney. It is not the first time.


  2. I think that this is quite an accomplishment for Amal Clooney. To talk about her channel suit (although very lovely) somewhat minimalizes her involvement in this event.


  3. Great outfit – simple, pure, elegant. Much less makeup. Hair and eyebrows unfortunately still just too much. Could not see the shoes. In case they were flats I would say – Amal you have almost made it! This great look will make up for some of those terrible hollywoodesque outfits you wore during Clooney partying times. And thanks for your great recherche. Chanel advertising is so classy.


      1. Psemsk, I hope you are joking.
        Putin is extremely reasonable world leader, just go and read or listen to what he has said the other day in the UN regarding the American foreign policy and you will understand who’s fault is that so many people are fleeing to Europe, and who is the UNreasonable leader of today


  4. She was always a girl just like any other girl, only more hard working and not sitting around waiting for Mr. Right to find her.
    I wonder if she ever imagined or dreamed that one day one of the most coveted men in the world would fall in love with her. She had 35 years to find out just how special she is.
    She should be an inspiration to all women out there who are past the age of 25 and are worrying about growing to old to find the right guy or to be desirable to anyone. Don’t worry about any of that.
    One day, your prince will find you and until then, just do you.

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    1. ugh george clooney IS NOT one of the most coveted men in the world. stop believeing the people magazine! they claim to name ‘most beautiful man/woman in the world’ but dont even consider non usa hollywood people!


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